Andy Barham
Accounts Manager

Andy was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. His baseball career took him to the Tri-Cities of Washington on scholarship and put him through college. Upon graduation and the many options in the big wide world he'd discovered he could not truly leave Montana’s beautiful outdoors. In 2007, Andy returned to Montana and plans to stay a while.

Throughout his career he has spent a lot of time in elite resorts and specializes in customer service. At Mountain Destinations, Andy is the resident activities guru- specializing in making sure our clients enjoy all the activities in the area we're working in- whether it be ice climbing in Big Sky or surfing lessons in Hawaii. Andy's salesmanship, knowledge of the outdoors and fun personality are true assets to our team. Andy also has excellent marksmanship with our vendor negotiations and is defiantly the guy you want on your team to work for exactly what you want.

Andy takes all that he has learned in hospitality and activities and now applies them to working with our events and many partner relationships. Andy is an outgoing guy who gets to know his clients to anticipate their needs and make it the best experience he can.

Andy is an extreme mountain biking enthusiast, enjoying the outdoors to the fullest as many days out of the year as possible. He also loves snowmobiling, skiing and any other extreme sport. He is currently married and enjoying the life of a newlywed.