Ed Schmidt
Chief Financial Officer

After graduating College on a football scholarship, and earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Sociology and Secondary Education, Ed started his early career as a Social Worker and then entered education as a high school History Teacher. Ed soon found his love of football and mentoring brought him to his real passion, coaching. Ed spent 20 years coaching college football at places such as University of Washington, San Diego State University, Montana State University, Bowling Green State University and the University of Wyoming. The complexities of travel, arranging lodging, air transportation, buses, meals, etc., had always been one of his primary off-field duties.

When the decision was made to change careers, owning and managing a travel company seemed a perfect fit. The lessons learned from coaching college football, a determined eye on attention to detail, tireless work ethic, a fierce loyalty to staff and an uncommon approach to customer service have served him well as he purchased his travel agency right before the airlines cut out commissions to the agencies resulting in thousands of offices closing.

Ed knew that he would need to diversify his portfolio and envisioned bringing groups into the beautiful area he chose to live. He started a branch of the travel company called Rocky Mountain Destinations and quickly learned that operating groups really does require expertise; he also found that trained staff, at a corporate level, for the meeting and ground services management was hard to find in the region. He knew the business model could survive but needed to find a partner with the skill to take the ball and run with it. Fortunately he met Veronica Haynes, an industry hotshot who’d been recruited to the state by a group of investors. Veronica became his Managing Partner, they rebranded as Mountain Destinations, and indeed grew the company by three times the size in less than two years. In 2006, Veronica took over the formal presidency of the company, formed our A Meeting by Design division, and allowed Ed to return to his talent of running the finances and focusing his energies on his successful travel agency. Today Ed serves as our Chief Financial Officer and keeps the balance between the creative visions and financial reality. The strength of the organization continues to be clearly exhibited in its leadership. Veronica has taken over where Ed left off, expertly guiding, supporting and coaching her staff. As a result, Mountain Destinations and A Meeting by Design have earned a reputation as the team which goes the extra mile for its clients and exceeds their expectations.

Ed was raised as the only son with four sisters which provided great training as his departure from football finds him amidst a team of strong females who've stretched him to learn a new style of coaching. His passion is expressed through his amazing craftsmanship as a furniture builder, creating stain glass windows and ALWAYS having a project in process. He's still is in love with football and follows his passion for mentoring to our youth and his grown children, while enjoying the daily adventures with his wife.