Elizabeth Pullman
Marketing Manager and Graphic Design

Growing up a military brat often means moving around the country which is exactly how Liz spent her childhood. Liz will say she is from Maine as that is where she spent the majority of her high school years, but her family eventually moved to Montana where she finished her last year of school. Happily she claims Montana as home now. After high school Liz went to college and studied Professional/Technical Communications focusing on broadcast and print journalism at Montana Tech through the University of Montana. From this background, she combines her technical and creative skills and brings them to work every day.

After college Liz worked tirelessly for a local paper as a reporter and graphic designer and later started her own graphic design business. For four years she worked endlessly as the President of the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce, spearheading numerous new annual events and bringing the NRA Rodeo back to Whitehall during her term.

Fortunately for us, however, she joined our team, and we get to appreciate her many talents albeit at the top of the list are her attention to detail and the ability to multi-task! The position of Marketing Manager and Graphic Design at Mountain Destinations and A Meeting by Design is a unique role that suits her well. Liz is responsible for maintaining our company websites, building powerful registration websites for our clients, managing marketing and design for our accounts, and making all of us look good. It’s a tall order, but Liz is up for the task, or shall we say tasks?

If that isn’t enough, Liz has a unique interest in historic military re-enactments (she can thank her parents for that one!). She actually runs a Civil War era fife and drum corps in the small town of Whitehall. She also loves to act and has participated in “too many to count” plays. Between her darling son, her new husband Bret, her avid community service and her great work at A Meeting by Design, Liz is a team player, and one that we are delighted is on our team and proudly offer to yours!