Sarah Fournier
Lodging Manager/Human Resources

Sarah was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in East Aurora. She moved to the Syracuse area as she entered high school and then made the trip out west to Bozeman, Montana 12 years ago and never left! She has her B.S. in Math/Science/Technology from the SUNY Empire State College.

Sarah has experience in both the interior design field and the staffing industry, which has helped her to learn to see the small details of a project as well as the larger picture. Planning and organization were key in those positions, as they are in her role as the Lodging Manager. She enjoys having a niche, her own set of responsibilities within the team and the opportunity to continue learning. She also loves working with the rest of the staff to reach common goals and to make each meeting a success.
Sarah works tirelessly for perfect check-ins with trouble free rooming lists for her clients. With her keen attention to detail and attrition management skills you'll want her on your team, and we are certainly pleased to have her on ours!

Sarah's family followed her to Bozeman and she is thankful to be closer to them. She has two younger brothers, one just entering the military and the other expecting a baby with his new wife within the next year! Not only does Sarah love spending time with her family, but she also loves photography, cooking, gardening and spending time near the water whenever possible.